The Curb Story

Let’s be honest here. No one really likes wearing or wants to wear a mask. Here’s what we heard when we asked people what they don’t like about masks …

• They are uncomfortable to wear
• They don’t breathe, they feel clammy
• They don’t fit me properly
• They don’t look good on my face
• They get mucky in my handbag / pocket
• I don’t want to hide my face
• They are not good for the environment
• The ones that work properly are too pricey
• I feel stupid wearing one

We decided there has to be a better way. So we set about finding solutions for most of these problems. We teamed up with a fashion designer and a graphic designer, we surveyed over 1000 people to find out just what matters to them when considering buying a mask, and we rejected numerous prototypes before we agreed on the final designs you’ll see here.

You may say you feel stupid when you wear a mask, but the truth is, you’ve been pretty clever for choosing a Curb. Our advanced super-comfortable fabric technology, our unique Dual-Fit shape, the effortless Curb Caddy and the great range of colours (for grown ups and kids) all combine to make Curb one of the best masks on the market.

We want you to curb anything but your enthusiasm. So get out there. Breathe easy. Feel good.

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