Curb for Kids


Curb for Kids

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Product tabs

Breathable fabric. Maximum airflow and comfort
Cotton lining. Ultimate softness against your skin 
3 Layer Technology. Essential protection
Spacer Layer. Breathe with ease
Dual-Fit. One mask, two ways of wearing 
Stretchable. Supreme comfort
Reusable. For a greener planet
Speak-Easy. Air pocket for better breathing and talking

Masks need to breathe as much as you do. Curb is one of the most comfortable masks you can wear. 

Our 3D ‘Spacer’ layer is an open, breathable fabric that provides maximum isolation between the inner and outer layer, acting as a powerful filter and cooling system.  

This removes heat and moisture from the skin and the mask liner – making it one of the most comfortable masks you can wear. 


1. Cotton Comfort Layer. Ultimate comfort and airflow

2. Curb Spacer Layer. 3D temperature regulating open cell technology

3. Outer Defence layer. Rapid drying and moisture repellant


Composition: 45% Cotton, 50% Polyester, 5% Elastane


Please note the ear loops on Curb Masks are elasticated and will stretch slightly beyond the above measurement. 

Measurement 2 is from nose to ear (half face width). 

How to use your Curb Mask

You’ve made the crucial decision to buy one of the best face coverings in the market now let’s ensure you get effective use from it by wearing it removing it and washing it properly to protect both yourself and others.

Putting on your Curb Mask

Please wash or sanitise your hands before putting on your mask. Hold onto the ear loops avoiding touching the front of the mask (on both the inside and outside) and pull them over your ears. Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably without any gaps. Please ensure you are covered from the bridge of your nose to under your chin.

While wearing your Curb Mask

If possible avoid touching or adjusting your mask and if you need to please sanitise/wash your hands first. Do not pull the mask down below your chin and back up as this can transfer infectious particles to your nose and mouth.

Removing your Curb Mask

Replace the mask with another Curb if it becomes damp by pulling the ear loops without touching the front. Once removed please put the mask directly in your Curb Caddy for safekeeping and wash/sanitise your hands.

Washing your Curb

Caring for your Curb is easy and Curbs are designed for up to 50 washes. Simply machine wash at 60 degrees or hand wash in warm water. Please don’t use bleach chemicals or disinfectants when washing your Curb and do not tumble dry. As with all reusable masks we recommend washing after every use.

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raiting starraiting starraiting starraiting starraiting star

Our little man's Curb Kids is brilliant. He loves the design and is not making any fuss about wearing the mask.